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10 tips to focus on your 12th boards without stressing yourself!

We know that boards are hectic and tough to handle but we are here to destress the minds of all the students who are nervous for their board exams. There are a lot of tips which will give you an outlook on how to conquer your 12th exams and escape all the anxiousness and stress. So here are the 10 tips that we think will help you to focus well and be intrigued by your studies –

1. Treat yourself with your favourite chocolate or something you like after completing a topic or subject.

2. Make a subject wise timetable and try to follow it regularly so that it motivates you to study

daily as well as maintain a tab on how much syllabus is left to be covered.

3. Start with the subject you don’t like and later shift on to your favourite subject, this way you’ll study more as well as avoid the possibility of being lethargic and stressful.

4. Avoid studying in a lazy manner or on bed, always prefer a table and a chair to study as it helps you to be energetic, that way the study span will automatically increase.

5. Try to avoid anxiousness whenever it becomes tough to study and calm yourself through

meditation or take a break.

6. Think of a gift you’ll reward yourself with after you attain the percentage you desire, this way it will motivate you to study well and also have an interesting outlook for your studies.

7. Identify your weak and strong areas regarding subjects so it becomes easier for you to manage your time and give you an outlook on the corrective measures required.

8. Revising old question papers is always a good idea as it boosts your confidence and improves your time management skills as well.

9. Eat healthy and drink loads of water to build a healthier life and sharpened mind as it will make you feel good from the inside as well as active to study properly.

10. Lessen your screen time and avoid grabbing your phones when de – motivated this habit often leads to gluing to phones and enjoying rather than focusing on your studies.

Remember to be calm and avoid stressing yourself out; we hope that these tips help you attain good marks and conquer your board exams.

CA Anand Kasat’s coaching classes focus only on quality education for all. Starting his institute with a very humble background back in 2012, AK’S commerce academy has grown to be the most successful CA and commerce classes in Satara and one of the best ones in Maharashtra. We have a well experienced and highly skillful staff that will take care of all your needs.


If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us through our contact us section. AKs Commerce academy wishes you all the very best for your studies and we hope that these tips will help you study in a more refined manner!

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